Galveston, TX – 2006


Our second tournament of the season was out Galveston, TX on July 22.  About three weeks prior to this tournament, Kevin and I had pre-fished an area that was booming.  The water was loaded with bait and had a nice temperature break around it.  We had caught a low 50-pounder and two other Kings in the mid to high forties – this spot was on.  I felt good about this area, so that is where we went back to pre-fish a day before the tournament.  Upon returning, there was not any bait in the area and the water was about 2 to 2 ½ degrees warmer.  We caught some mid thirties, but nothing bigger.  In Texas, you better go over 50 pounds if you are going to have a chance to win.

So for tournament day I ran out to deeper water.  The water was about 30 feet deeper and was also 86.5 degrees, about a 4 ½ degree change in water temperature from the other spot.  I felt good about this new spot.  By about 10:30 we had a mid thirty pound fish in the boat.  We caught a mid to high thirty pound bull Dolphin and hooked up about four to five low to mid thirty pound kings – not bad for schoolies.  We had to go and catch more bait around noon.  I hated to be out of bait, the bite gets pretty slow after lunch time.

We caught 10-15 two to three pound blue runners, and big bait can translate into big Kings.  We hooked up on a bunch more fish in the low thirties, but could not better the one in the bag.  Back at the dock we weighed in a 34lb 07oz Kingfish which was good for a 17th place finish.  This moved us up to a tie for 12th place overall in the Gulf Coast Division.  Keep an eye out for us in our last tournament in Port Aransas, September 9th.

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